Tanktech: vast experience & expertise accompanied by rapid and flexible response, and a pleasure to deal with.

On 9th August 2022, our 52’ motor cruiser was about to leave Dover Harbour when the port engine failed and she had to be ‘tugged’ back to a mooring. The boat has undergone a 5 year refit in Southampton-Portsmouth, but cleaning out the fuel tanks had been overlooked. During the maiden voyage via Dover to Limehouse the dirt in the tanks had been stirred up.

A search on the internet identified Tanktech and a phone call to Maurice Hawkins got the ball rolling for a clean initially scheduled for the following day, but postponed by a day to enable a lift out and spacious position on the hardstanding at Dover.

Maurice, Gavin & Kevin cleaned out 3 tanks and returned pristine fuel to them. Their expertise and technical equipment is very impressive, together with their advice on good fuel husbandry and related matters. Maurice’s extensive knowledge of various boats, his willingness to offer advice on a wide range of related matters is invaluable.

We are very grateful for their rapid response, efficient and effective service, knowledge and technical expertise. We thoroughly recommend them. (While they are dealing with your fuel, they are fuelled by cups of tea!)

Judith & Michael Davey, Tenacious, Nelson Bullet 52

Summer 2021 I bought an Atlantic 42 motor boat. The survey showed bug in the port tank and the owner agreed to get it treated which the Surveyor and marine engineer felt would solve the problem!

Against my better judgement I accepted this, as my wife and I had fallen in love with the boat, heart ruling head. We topped up the tanks in Falmouth before setting off for the trip back to Dover. 220ltrs in each tanks. Clearly not kept full.

We got as far as Eddistone light without incident, then started to loose power on the port engine. Eventually we pulled into Salcombe Bay and change the filters and bled the system at anchor. Fired up the engines and off we went again. After only 10 minutes or so the port engine stopped again. We identified Dart Haven Marine in Dartmouth as having the equipment and expertise to sort the fuel out so limped on one engine into the marina there. The engineer attended and got the port engine running but confirmed the fuel had been over treated with bug killer and was now so contaminated that damage to the engines was not unlikely. They advised it might be necessary to cut access hatches in the tanks to clean then out properly. Leaving the boat in Dartmouth for them to sort we return home. Returning to the boat they had had to condemn the remaining fuel in both tanks, but they were all clean and refuelled with new fuel, 1200 Ltrs. They said they had been able to clean the tanks without cutting more access holes.

We got back to Dover without having to change any more filters but still getting crud in the filter bowls. I bought a fuel polishing machine and set about cleaning the fuel. I thought I had it cracked until I sat at anchor for a few hours in a chop! The dirt in the bottom of the tank either side of the baffles now spread across the tank and it was clear I had not solved the problem.

My local Marine Engineers recommended I talk to Maurice at Tanktech. One chat with Maurice and it was clear his knowledge and experience, together with his purpose made specialist equipment and his confidence they would sort the problem was enough to confirm I needed their help.

On the due date, having had the boat lifted ashore, Maurice, Gavin and Kevin arrived in Dover and immediately set about the preparations.

Decanting the diesel into a tank so Maurice could work his magic with his sophisticated fuel cleaning system and analyser until the contaminated diesel was better than industry standards of water and particulate ppm in the fuel.

Whilst Maurice was dealing with the fuel, Gavin and Kevin cut two new hatches in the top of the Starboard tank to reveal the dirt inside. The care that they took to minimise any necessary alteration to the boat to gain access was first class.  They then painstakingly cleaned the inside of the tank with a special vacuum cleaner to remove the loose bits and long handle tongs with cleaning cloths into every corner, then cleaned it down with cleaning fluid before vacuuming it out again. Each step of the way making sure I could see what they had done. New hatch covers over the new holes and the fuel returned to the tanks.

Maurice explained everything they were doing and documented the before and after service with a report and photos of the procedure. As someone who likes to understand what is being done and what effect it will have I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Maurice and the ‘boys’ gaining a much better understanding of how to care for my boat diesel and help to prevent a similar situation.

Maurice warned that the Aquasolve he added to the tanks would also clean the pipes and engine fuel system and so I should monitor the fuel filter bowls as he felt there might be some muck flushed from the engine back into the tanks which would get stopped by the filters. To date the bowls and filters remain pristine.

A big learning curve for me. I wish I had found out about Tanktech when the problem first arose. I spent more on a fuel polishing machine, that was never going to be able to recover the fuel, than it cost to have the skill and expertise of Maurice, Gavin and Kevin from Tanktech.

I wholeheartedly recommend Tanktech. Thanks Maurice.

Chris Danican
A very satisfied customer

Maurice and Gavin came round to clean my oil tank which had not been cleaned in years and was affecting the flow rate to the boiler. The customer service I received throughout was amazing, Maurice was really friendly and made sure I fully understood the work they were doing and why they were doing it, before offering a really competitive quote.

On the day they arrived a little early and got to work straight away, keeping me updated throughout the day, and by the end the tank was so clean I could see my reflection in the mirror. Please be aware Maurice actually removes and filters the fuel clean, hoovers the tank (adding in extra inspection holes so they can reach all areas), before physically wiping out the tank until it is fully clean. They then cleared the pipe to the boiler to ensure that everything was cleaned. I had quotes from several people as far as Birmingham and I don’t believe any of them offer an equivalent service as they normally only hoover the tanks clean, so not only does tank tach offer a competitive quote they also do a deeper clean of the tank. 

Well done Tank Tech, thank you for the excellent work!

Garsharn Ghag
Domestic Kerosine Tank

We bought our Fairline 36 Turbo in March 21 assured the boat had been used extensively in the sea on the south coast and Europe. The fuel tanks looked in really good condition externally so we hoped they had also been looked after internally.

All was well on our first long sea trip from Lowestoft down to Ipswich but on our return leg where the weather had “turned” slightly we experienced problems. After crossing the Felixstowe shipping lane we headed into a North Easterly 4 -6 the boat handled superbly until…. the port engine lost power almost cutting out if tried to apply any sort or RPM. We limped back to Southwold with the relieved family and replaced filters to get us home but clearly needed a professional company to come and have a look inside the tanks for us. I called Maurice at Tanktech which proved to be a very good move!!

After a couple of conversations with Maurice we arranged a date for him to attend our marina with me also on site. The guys got to work straight away cutting inspection hatches in the top of the tanks, removing the fuel for polishing then vacuuming out the sludge from the tanks (there was a lot). They then spent a lot of time actually scrubbing the tanks to get them as clean as possible before replacing the fuel with additive and advising on future dosing maintenance to keep the fuel in good shape in future.

I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending TankTech to anyone hoping to cruise in the sea with clean fuel (one less thing to worry about!!). This is more than simply just a fuel polishing service they really do ensure the fuel systems are spotless without making any mess from spilled fuel.

Already planning for the next sea trip!

Steve and Lyndsey Middleton
Wave Dancer (Fairline 36 Turbo)
Brundall, Norfolk

When I bought the boat I was pleased to see that both tanks were full of red diesel. “Nothing to worry about, there, then…” …and all went well… … until we hit some heavy weather and the engine stopped… changed filter, bled it, stopped again… became a pure sailing vessel with some very expensive ballast for the rest of the trip…

“It’s bad!” said my friends. “You want those people with all the special gear”…

To save you from working out, as I had to, who “those people with the special gear” are:
Maurice Hawkins and the Seventh Cavalry from Tank Tech arrived yesterday with a van load of equipment…

Tanks cleaned, 280 litres of fuel cleaned (that was what most of the equipment was for) and returned to clean tanks, lines blown through, filters changed, system bled, very happy Yanmar 4JH5E, enjoying the cleanest fuel it has ever known, purrs back into life.

So here is a heartfelt “plug” for Tank Tech! They tell me they love their work, that most of it is on farms, and that “bug” needs water to grow but common or garden filth just builds up in a tank anyway, given time.

Oh, and they say “replace the rubber seal on your tank deck filler every year without fail”

Nicholson 55
built 1975 Kukri of Hornet

Lee Rogers – Maritza

“After a engine breakdown at sea, a local marine engineer came to Inspect the boat.
He advised the tank was contaminated and that he strongly recommended Tanktech,
I called Techtank and spoke to Maurice. It was clear this company were experts in their field.
I was advised about the process and also advised a few possibilities of what they could encounter including possible access issues.
The team took detailed pictures of the work, installed new hatches and managed to clean most of the fuel.
The before and after pictures are amazing, I cannot recommend this company highly enough. First class job and very thorough,
excellent guidance before , during abs after the work had been completed. Great job guys “

Hans Kok – Dutch Ketch Mallemok

While sailing down from Hartlepool we were confronted with a series of blocked fuel filters.
We had to change a filter every 8 hours and they were extremely dirty.
It was clear that the tanks needed to be cleaned and the diesel polished.
We made it to Great Yarmouth. Once tied to the quay we searched the internet for a fuel polishing company.
Tanktech is one of the very few we found. They responded to our email immediately with a request for more information
to be able to find out whether they could help us and how much that would cost. The written quotation was clear and the
deal was quickly agreed. The team arrived at the arranged time and immediately started work in a very effective and professional
manner while at the same time being very friendly and personal. Being professional also included strictly controlling the risk
of spilling diesel. There was no spillage. It took a day to clean the tanks and polish the diesel. The work was carried out according
to the quotation and the final costs were as predicted. And most importantly we were able to cross from Great Yarmouth to IJmuiden without
any filter changes. I can really recommend using Tanktech if you end up in a similar situation with your fuel.
Maurice, Kevin and Gavin will help you to quickly get on your way again.

Tank Tech Provide A Solution To Blocked Fuel Filters In Farm Machinery

During 2019, farmers in some parts of the UK suffered from repeated breakdowns due to blocked fuel filters. This was blamed on a build up of contaminants in farm fuel storage tanks.

Our fuel supplier, Billericay Fuel Services, recommended contacting Maurice Hawkins at Tanktech, as they had been successfully providing a tank and fuel cleaning service to their customers for a number of years.

Tanktech promptly carried out a survey of our tanks and analysis of our fuel, which was found to be out of specification.

At the earliest opportunity, Maurice and his team carried out a thorough tank clean and fuel polishing operation using sophisticated filtering equipment.

As a result, our fuel was brought well into specification and will continue to be monitored by Tanktech.

After the fuel clean, Maurice recommended using Billericay Fuel Services’ Gasoil Ultra, a product that he had helped to develop.

We have not experienced any further fuel filter blockages since Tanktech’s operation and believe that machinery performance has been enhanced.

We would thoroughly recommend Maurice and Tanktech to other farmers, their excellent advice, workmanship and attention to detail has helped to keep our tractor and machinery fleet operational through a difficult season.

Philip Burns
Oldbury Farm


TANK TECH provide an excellent fuel polishing service

Billericay Fuel Services have been working with Maurice Hawkins @ Tank Tech for several years because he has provided an excellent mobile fuel cleaning service to our customers who have experienced particulate and/or water contamination in their fuel storage tanks. TankTech attend, on-site, to efficiently and economically clean the fuel in the storage tanks, using a sophisticated mobile fuel polishing (cleaning) rig, to remove suspended micro-particulates and any contaminant water, which returns the fuel to its standard specification with a very low micro-particle count.

The most common source of fuel contamination is historic sedimentation in the bottom of storage tanks that have not been cleaned for several years.  More recently the increase in the bio-content (FAME) of gas oil, enforced by government policy to meet environmental emmision targets, has added to this problem.  FAME is hygroscopic and contaminating water is drawn into the fuel from the atmosphere which induces formation of asphaltene micro-particules (4um).

These particles remain suspended and can cause very significant fuel filter clogging in agricultural vehicles, plant and generators.

Maurice Hawkins @ TankTech has also been influential in a research program, funded by

BFS Fuel Services, to develop a gas oil product (BFS GasOil Ultra) which is ultra-filtered prior to delivery to ensure it has an extremely low micro-particle count.

BFS GasOil Ultra is also stabilised with a remarkable additive that resoluabilises any atmospheric water contamination to prevent the fuel deteriorating during storage.

Customers who have used the services of Tank Tech to clean their fuel storage tanks and then followed on by using BFS GasOil Ultra have been able to eliminate fuel filter clogging issues in their agricultural vehicles and plant.

Dr David Platt PhD
Managing Director
Billericay Fuel Services Ltd

Fuel bug is nothing new especially to the RNLI. With boats, launch tractors and large shore side storage tanks it is something that needs managing and keeping on top of, after all the last place you want a breakdown is on a Lifeboat in a rough sea, endangering the crews and letting the casualty down,  when all the fuel has been stirred with sludge & debris clogging fuel filters.

We have been routinely treating the fuel when delivered and in storage to prevent bacterial growth from getting out of hand, moisture in fuel is ever present as the low sulphur (FAME) fuel, by its nature, absorbs moisture from the atmosphere.  Moisture, warmth and long periods of storage are perfect for growth. We always aimed at never having fuel for more than 3 months, difficult on a rescue service with full tanks and ready for service at any time.

We first used Maurice in 2015 to do a routine shore side storage tank clean out at Aldeburgh. The fuel was analysed and had more moisture content than was desirable.  Approx. 20 drums of organic waste was extracted from the shore tank, 21 years worth, the remaining fuel was polished, moisture removed and tank refilled. The Lifeboat was also done, basically by pumping the fuel from the stripping ports whilst ‘on service’ with minimum disruption.

The station were very happy with the efficient service too, commenting on how the engines run better and showed more rpm and power output.

We used Maurice to do another routine strip and clean at Gorleston Lifeboat Station, shore tank to a similar result. All happy.

I highly recommend this company, professional and only too happy to help, however constant treatment is key, they supply treatment too.

Peter Barnes
RNLI Regional Technical Manager/ East Region (retired)

Tank Tech provided a prompt response to our request to sort out our ‘fuel bug’ problem.
The tanks were cleaned and the fuel polished so that we could quickly resume our summer voyages.

Many thanks
Sally and John Woffenden

I purchased my first ‘non’ sail boat last year on the basis it was in perfect order and fully serviced.
I was shocked to find recently that I had a serious diesel bug contamination in both my 800litre tanks.

It was suggested I contact Tanktech who came to Ipswich last week to estimate and carry out the work
which involved the cutting of access holes in both tanks.

Draining and polishing the fuel. Hoovering out the muck, cleaning and polishing the tanks and at all times
taking photos and videos inside the tanks to verify progress and the quality of work being done.

Tanktech are a very professional company with a highly skilled, knowledgeable and totally trustworthy workforce.
They turn up every day on time ( early ) and complete a full day …. in today’s world this is rare!

They also quote competitive prices backed up by the amount of work involved everyday.
In three days I have tanks like new , with access holes, so I can monitor the fuel
quality and carry out any future work with ease .

Tanktech are a truly excellent company who I would not hesitate to recommend.

Ernst Wehden
Targa 43

Thank you for your visit yesterday 27/11/18.
I take this opportunity to congratulate you and
your engineer on the way you carried out the cleaning of my fuel tanks
and the treatment of the fuel, I must admit I was totally surprised
on the amount rubbish you removed from the tanks.
Happy customer going to sea with the knowledge my fuel filters will not block.

Best regards
Skipper of the MV Anastasia. Dover.

My wife and I purchased a Birchwood TS31 to base at Chatham and use for estuary cruising,
the boat had previously been used on the River Thames for a number of years so the engines had not been overworked.

On our first trip it was evident we had an engine problem which, with help from our local engineer,
was put down to contaminated fuel. As always Google to the rescue and I discovered Tanktech website which was brilliant,

I filled in their online quotation form and got an immediate response asking for a bit more detail,
once received Tanktech produced a quotation which I readily accepted and a date was set for the work.

The work was completed on the due date and was carried out to a very high standard, samples of the polished fuel
from each tank were left for us to see and the difference was amazing.
A very thorough and professional job, we would have no hesitation in recommending Tanktech.

Roy Dunning

I’m the owner of a Arvor 215 with which I had a major fuel problem ie’ diesel bug & water in the tank.
I have a fare knowledge of mechanics but this was beyond me. I asked other boat owners what they
would do and ended up more confused than when I started.

I went online to seek expert advice and luckily found TankTech and Maurice Hawkins who was interested in my case.
After a few calls and down to earth chat Maurice said he could help me and explain what I needed to do.

We worked together on this so we could get to a point where he could make a visit and polished the fuel,
this was not straight forward as we found out!! on gaining access to the outlet/suction hose I found that this was made
of a very substandard copper which had nearly split in two.

I replaced mine with a brass suction pipe which had to be machined,
I would recommend changing this part if ever you come across the same problem.

The Arvor 215 has a design issue which results in no easy access to the fuel tank as its under the rear deck panel.
Maurice and myself got over ‘this problem by fitting a inspection hatch to the deck directly above the outlet/or suction hose,
the other option is engine out to remove tank which ain’t easy believe me. After all Maurice’s advice we had got to a point
where he could come down from Essex to N. Devon and polish the fuel and clean the tank.

Maurice also recommended fitting a Racor 10 micron filter so you can easily check the quality of the fuel which is done.
For the first time of owning this boat it’s running like a dream. I would also recommend using Aquasolve in your tank
on a regular basis it dissolves water and keeps your fuel top quality.
On a personal basis I’d like to thank a proper gentleman for all his efforts in helping me with my problem ? TankTech 100%

Martyn Sampson
“Sassi Sal”

Freeman 32 Mk1 ‘ ZIKOMO’

Many thanks for a very prompt and professional service to check the fuel in my tanks.
You came to the Marina and nothing was too much trouble. Your explanations were refreshingly
clear and we have no hesitation in recommending your company .

Giles / ZIKOMO

I had discovered that water had entered our diesel tank via the deck filler over quite a period of time,
eventually bringing our motor boat to a stop at the beginning of my wife’s and my holiday.

Tanktech were my first port of call. Having explained the situation to Maurice over the telephone,
he and Lee would be able to get to our boat by mid day the following day.

Maurice and Lee arrived, removed the most heavenly contaminated fuel,
and cleaned the rest in a very professional manner.

Our boat engine was running again by the end of the day.

As a service, they do not get better than this.

Many thanks to Maurice and Lee

John Turnbull
‘Cornelia’, Tollesbury

Having had catastrophic diesel failure resulting in the total loss of my previous boat
I decided to take no chances with the fuel system of my new boat which had been standing in the Yard
for at least 2 years. In addition I had at least 10 litres of fuel in cans which I had purchased in Germany.

I contacted Maurice Hawkins, having consulted the Internet, and he came to survey the boat one Saturday morning.
Maurice and Lee arrived at 08:00 one morning (I was still eating my porridge!), as arranged, and very quickly my Tank was out,
pumped out and jet washed with diesel. An Endoscope with camera was used to check that the inside of the tank was free of all detritis.

All the fuel from the Tank and cans was re-circulated through Maurice’s pump/filter rig until he was happy
with the particulate/water contents of the diesel which had turned from ‘black’ to the ‘red’ that it should be.
The Tank was re-fitted and the diesel treated with Aquasolve.

Maurice gave me advice on the dosing of the fuel and which diesel was likely to be the best for my Beta 20 Engine.
Maurice and Lee departed leaving no trace of them being there – no mess or diesel spilt in the boat.
Very good service!

Colin King CEng MCIBSE
“Contessa 32 Coppelia”

Like many other yacht owners I recently suffered from contaminated Diesel Fuel.
Advice received from my local Marine Engineer was either dispose of the fuel or have it cleaned.
As disposing of 150 Litres of diesel seemed wasteful and expensive I decided to have the fuel cleaned.

I contacted Maurice at Tank Tech who was very helpful and who analysed the fuel and confirmed it needed cleaning.
Their service proved most efficient and cost effective. My fuel is now clean and the engine is running fine.

On their advice I now add Aquasolve fuel cleaning additive every time I refuel.
In view of the above I would recommend the service of TankTech to other yachtsmen.

Many thanks Maurice
“Blu Mango”

Maurice and Lee came to clean my diesel tank one sunny Tuesday morning.
I was so impressed with the level of professionalism! They worked quickly and efficiently,
and also very cleanly. There was no diesel spilt and the boat was left clean.
I also received very good advice regarding taking good care of my diesel.
I am very pleased I used this company, and would certainly recommend
them to anyone considering getting their tank cleaned.

Giles Ford-Crush
“Crazy Diamond”

We would like to thank you for doing a really good job.
We had a sea trial done on our FairlineTurbo pending a sale and found
we had diesel bug and low performance on the starboard engine.
It was suggested we had our diesel polished, so we contacted Tanktech
and liaised with Maurice who was so helpful.
We had both fuel tanks cleaned and the diesel was polished and replaced.
Maurice and Lee were charming and really knew what they were doing

Thank you, Hazel and Rob,
“Finesse ll.”

My boat was repowered last year changing over from a petrol to a diesel engine.
All went well until the start of this season. The alarm picked up a problem with water in the fuel.
I contacted the company that installed the engine and they promptly went out to look at the problem.
They informed that it was the dreaded “diesel bug” which came as a bit of a surprise as the engine had only been in a year.
The solution was to get the diesel pumped out and get the tank cleaned. I spoke to the company again,
and they gave me the number of Tanktech. I phoned Maurice and he promptly gave me some good advice on how to deal with the problem.
The solution was to pump out the diesel via the fuel sender hole and then to cut 2 holes in the top of the stainless tank.
The tank was then pressure washed and the original diesel filtered and put back in the tank. 2 caps were to be put in where the holes
had been cut out. Maurice gave me an instant quote by email and the job was put in motion. He arranged to do the work the following week.
The job was done and conducted in a very professional manner. Maurice even sent me pictures of the work as it progressed.
It was not the dreaded diesel bug in the end but a problem with water in the tank. I have now got a supply of the additive which
I shall put in each time I refill the tank.
What started out to be a very stressful time was put right by Maurice in a very short time.
All is now well and we are having a good season.
I can’t thank Maurice enough for sorting out the problem so quickly.

Steve Bridgland
Silver Cloud V

My Sealine, which I purchased late last season, had only been used on fresh/lake waters
so the first time on the salty stuff meant the muck at the bottom of the fuel tanks blocked the filters
and caused the Volvos to drop into limp home mode!!

My local engineer recommended Tanktech to come and “polish” the fuel and clean the tanks.
One call to Maurice Hawkins at Tanktech and he proved he understood our problems.
A visit was set up where initial dosing of the fuel with “Aquasolve” was carried out
and a sample from each tank was taken away for monitoring.

The following week another visit to empty the tanks pressure wash the tanks out to
clean them before replacing the original diesel- now filtered, and another “shock dosing” of Aquasolve was completed.
Since the treatment I have taken the boat to sea in some lively conditions and all ok.
A big thank you to the team at Tanktech for their approach, help and professional assistance.
I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Bill Farries

A  pre purchase survey on a twin screw motor yacht which I am in the process of buying,
revealed the suspicion of a problem with diesel fuel contamination.
I was referred to Tanktech for specialist advice and Maurice attended the boat to make an assessment.
I was given helpful advice as well as the results analysis of the fuel.
What really impressed me was that there was absolutely no pressure to commit to work
which was not really needed or practical to carry out.
I would confidently recommend any one with this type of problem to contact Tanktech.

Ian Wright.  Grimsby

“As owner and skipper of the expedition yacht Nina Soraya I know how essential having clean diesel is.
 When sailing in the remote Arctic you cannot take risks to lose propulsion, generator and heating.
 We carry 1,800 liters of diesel in 4 separate tanks and unfortunately had picked up a diesel bug which caused clogging filters,
 necessitating frequent replacement to avoid blockage.
 We had previously tried a fuel polishing operation whilst abroad, but this was unsuccessful.

Maurice & Lee pumped all the diesel from the tanks, polishing the fuel off the boat.
Then all 4 fuel tanks were pressure washed with diesel, taking 3 or 4 goes per tank to ensure all the slime was removed.
The polished fuel was then returned to the tanks, then repolished again in situ to ensure that it was to standard ISO spec.

Maurice has invested a considerable amount of money in his filtration and cleaning equipment – at one point we had 4 separate systems
running at the same time, to clean up the fuel as quickly and efficiently as possible. I’m from an automotive engineering background
and can confirm that the equipment he’s using is really top standard.

The job took longer than expected, but Maurice stood by his original quotation and completed the job to an excellent
standard – this is unfortunately somewhat rare in the marine industry.

So if you are having a problem with your fuel I can highly recommend Tank Tech. Thanks to both Maurice & Lee.

David Robertson
Nina Soraya, 18M Aluminium Expedition Yacht”


In the past year I have used the services of Tank Tech on two occasions,
I hasten to point out this was on two different craft, not because of any issues with the work.
On both occasions all the work was done to a very high standard with great care and attention
given to ensuring that not a drop of fuel was spilt in the boat, on the decks, in the water or on the land.
My only job was to ensure there was accessibility to the top of the tanks where the access plates can be found.
On this occasion they decided not to open the access plate but just removed the filler sender and conducted
their operations through the hole left once removed.
The system fine filters, then removes any water metered in parts per million leaving the fuel as good as it came out of the pump if not better!
They also use a diesel pressure washer to clean the inside of the tank to ensure no debris is left behind.
Finally Fuel treatment is added which helps clean the diesel injectors giving a cleaner and less smoky result.
The whole process took about five hours which bearing in mind I had 800 L of fuel in each tank was pretty quick.
Tank Tech come highly recommended,
a very professional outfit.

David Reynolds
“Lady Malvina”

Tank Tech were very flexible to our needs keeping both myself and all required parties informed throughout the process.
Very professional in their approach, and I would certainly reuse them and recommend their services to others.
The proof is in the pudding, we wanted a simple fuel service as a preventative measure,
but on completion noticed an increase in performance from our engine.

Chris Rich
Under The Stars

First of all can I say a HUGE thank you for braving the elements and coming up
 to Anglesey to sort out my Sea Ray 240 Sundancer fuel tank problem.
 I really appreciate that you had an extremely early start and I can’t thank you enough
 for such a professional and friendly service.

 I would have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Tanktech for their EXCELLENT SERVICE
 and competitive price.

 Thanks again Maurice.


If you want the job done properly then I can only recommend Tanktech …. and I’ll certainly do so to anyone with fuel/tank problems!
David Jay
Trimilia – ex RNLI/Dunkirk Little Ship

Beware Tank Cleaning Ads
After using marine diesel in our boat for many year, we started to experience problems and as usual, these problems occurred at the worst time of the year … winter.  Central heating problems, poor engine running etc.
The likely cause was diesel bug and water, so we decided to have our tank professionally cleaned. 
After much research, we discovered that many companies and marina’s advertise tank clean when if fact, they only perform fuel polishing. 
Fuel polishing may help, but it is certainly NOT a full tank clean, which we discovered to our cost when a Separ unit was used on our boat.
In the end, the best company we found to perform a FULL tank cleaning was TankTeck – speak to Maurice.
Emma Raine
Yorkshire pudding

I decided to use Tanktech rather than the other companies I had seen.
The main reason was I wanted both the fuel and the tank cleaning.
I struggled to find a company that would do both, everyone else just removes the fuel,
filters it and return it back to the tank. Having spoken to Maurice I was confident that I was in good hands.
He explained the process in detail and a date was set.
Maurice arranged everything with the marina and was onsite as arranged at 0800.
I was concerned that since the fuel tank was located beneath the cockpit sole that there would be diesel everywhere.
I needn’t of worried the boat was sheeted and protected and nothing was spilt.
The process started with removing the tank access cover and removing the 100 or so litres of fuel.
This was filtered and stored. The tank was then pressure washed and all traces of contaminates removed with a type of wet vac.
The fuel was filtered again and returned to the tank. Tank access cover was replaced and the job was done.
All the above was carried out on a particularly damp September day. Maurice and his assistant Lee didn’t seem to mind.
The whole process took about 4 hours.
The cost of the work was very competitive considering they travelled down from Colchester. I would happily recommend Tanktech.

Chris Jones


Thank you for your prompt and professional service cleaning fuel and tank on yacht Anna Leah to
remove diesel contamination last weekend. This allowed an engineer to reinstall the injection pump
first thing on Monday morning and get us on our way without further delay.
I would recommend your services to anyone else facing similar issues. I was particularly impressed
by the care you took in checking logistics and preparation before attending, and then your diligent
follow-up afterwards to check that we had reached our destination safely.

Anna Leah

“We were planning our first ever trip in our narrowboat on the tidal Thames, and at 3 weeks
before departure we noticed that we had rust and particles in our deisel fuel.  Other more
experienced boaters advised us not to go without taking drastic steps to remedy our
fuel problem, as the tidal water would shake the fuel up and bring more sediment to the top
causing engine failure.   We contacted one ‘diesel-polisher’ that we found in the Waterways
magazine, and also TankTech from Colchester.  Despite the first person being cheaper, from
the outset we were more confident that TankTech would solve our problems and we had
every confidence in their service.  After all, if they are good enough for the RNLI, then they
must be good enough for our boat! 

TankTech explained in detail how they would proceed, and investigated the other company
so that they were able to compare their own service with the cheaper one and proved to us
that the service they were offering was far superior, and gave us total confidence.
Tanktech have comprehensive and very expensive equipment and arranged to be at our boat very
quickly.Indeed  Maurice Hawkins of TankTech stated that  had we been stranded he
would have visited us as an emergency.  They have carried out an excellent job, and I can’t
remember our boat engine ever running so quietly or efficiently.   There are several photos
that were supplied to us to show the extent of the debris and water that was in our tank, and
some 12 filters were used to ensure that the fuel and tank was completely clean by the time they
left us.  We were estimated for four hours work by two men, and despite the service taking nearer
 6 hours with two men, TankTech stood by their original estimate.

We can now continue with our planned holiday on the Thames with confidence that although
the English weather might let us down, the fuel certainly won’t.
Thank you Maurice Hawkins at TankTech.”

Thanks for your help.

Janette Allen

The Lady Blackwater

Thank you for your services, we took the boat out yesterday and the engines performed perfectly.
I was very impressed with the way in which you carried out the tank cleaning operation.
Considering the amount of pipework that was needed I was surprised that I could find no trace of
any fuel spills and must say that the boat was left in a clean and tidy condition, which could not
have been an easy task as the access to the tanks involved the dismantling of seating and other fixtures.
I would have no hesitation in recommending your services and would be quite happy to speak to any of your
prospective customers. Thanks again, I will be in touch for some more Aquasolve.

All the best Tony Watts.
Corvette 32 “Amaryllis”

“A First Class Service, from a Great Team at Tanktech

The engine on our sailing yacht stopped just when we needed it, heading into a very windy and choppy River Crouch late on a Friday evening. My attempts to restart it failed, and I quickly realised it was the dreaded diesel bug (I had had it eleven years ago). After discussions with the Coastguard, we were towed into Burnham by the (wonderful)

RNLI lifeboat.Burnham Marina was unable to do anything at all until Monday morning, so I set about finding a suitable tank cleaning Service, coming across Tanktech in my Google searches. One thing that immediately sprang to my attention was a seven day a week service.  

I ‘phoned Maurice on Sunday morning, and he took down the details of the symptoms and my boat’s fuel system. He told me that he could come out to do the work the following morning, Monday. A good deal of Sunday was spent in phone and text discussions with Maurice, so that he could guarantee to fix the issue on the day. He asked me to send him photos of the tank, filters and so on, to be sure that he could get access. One thing he quickly identified was that I had a non-standard primary fuel filter, with possibly discontinued cartridges. Not to be fazed, though, he researched them, tracking down a supplier, saying he would collect them on the way to me.

The only problem came when he said that it would be best if the boat was stern-to against the pontoon. The berthing manager had told me that I would need to clear this with the marina management when they came in to work on Monday. When I asked them, they were adamant that they would not allow it, so I had to arrange a quick emergency haul-out. Apparently they didn’t want to risk a fuel spill (a shame they haven’t looked at their own fuel pontoon).

On the Monday, Maurice ‘phoned to give me an ETA, and confirm that he had obtained a supply of fuel filters. He arrived around 10.30, and within minutes he and Lee, his colleague, had unloaded the impressive equipment and were at work. Seeing them in action was an education; he explained the process, and what each piece of equipment did. Seeing the blobs of goo coming out of the tank, along the pipes to be filtered was a real eye-opener. He also described the problems with FAME, low sulphur fuel, of which most people are probably unaware.

Aside from power-washing the inside of the tank with diesel, they filtered (“polished”) my fuel around 16 times, leaving it crystal clear, and treating it with Aquasolve fluid. Shortly after 2.30 they had put everything back together, and packed all of their equipment away.

Overall, I am delighted I found Tanktech, and that they were able to get me on my way so efficiently. In particular, I’d like to highlight areas that set Maurice and Lee apart:

  1. A fast, friendly service, in which they kept me informed throughout.
  2. Information and advice about keeping my tank and fuel in good condition
  3. The quality of their equipment; everything was designed to keep the fuel contained, with failsafe systems.
  4. The cleanliness they exhibited, meaning that not a single drop of fuel was spilled; the Marina need not have worried.
  5. The proof of the pudding; we motorsailed back to the Medway early on Tuesday morning in fairly lumpy conditions, and the engine ran more sweetly than it had for years. I thought there was more power and less smoke. That’s clean diesel and the Aquasolve.
  6. Most professionally, they emailed the invoice, so I did not need to worry about getting cash, or tracking-down my cheque book.

To conclude, I would not hesitate to recommend Tanktech to anyone looking to have a first class fuel service. Wherever you are, they will come to you and get you back running very quickly.

Thank you, Maurice and Lee.”

Nick Waller  “Oceanides”

May I just add a thank you to Tank Tech, for firstly the speed in which you attended my vessel and
secondly for your professional and knowledgeable approach to the problem we had.
The quality of the equipment  Tank Tech had at their disposal was quite incredible.
I can recommend Tank Tech to any boat owner that has “Diesel Fuel” problems unreservedly.

Rob Bryson (Saxon Lady

We were due to set off for a weeks cruising on the River Thames on a Saturday. On the previous Sunday, we started our boat, equipped with a Perkins M135 diesel engine. After a couple of minutes ticking over, it conked out for absolutely no apparent reason. Following various advice from various sources, there was a common theme of “That diesel doesn’t smell right to me! It’s off!”. We decided to call on the services of Tankteck.

We phoned on Monday and spoke to Maurice. Having explained the problem, Maurice agreed that his services would be appropriate. Having provided an estimate, he attended our marina the following Monday, the next day I could make.

Maurice and his colleague, Lee, turned up at the agreed time, set up their equipment and got to work. High tech looking pumps and equipment working alongside good old elbow grease. Scrapers and vacuum cleaners were literally taken to the root of the problem which was at least 2 inches of thick gunk on the bottom of the tank. I could see all this as we have large access panels on the tanks and all the diesel had been pumped into three 50 gallon containers. The tanks were jet washed with diesel and the end result was very clean looking tanks.

The inside of our boat is very clean and tidy with wooden fittings, clean carpets and blinds. The idea of a jet wash being used with diesel filled me with horror. We had already covered everything as best we could but Lee somehow managed to contain all the mess to inside the tank. Unbelievable!

Having arrived at 8.30am, tanks cleaned, fuel polished and restored and returned to tanks, engine and generator tested, they were gone by 1130am. By mid afternoon any smell of diesel had gone and it was as if the problem had never existed in the first place.
Outside our boat, on the quayside, again there was no trace of Maurice and Lee having ever been there.

The main problem diagnosed was water in the diesel and other contaminants. We are now using an additive to prevent future problems, the potential for which are probably more likely to occur due to the new make up of modern diesel and it’s bio components.

The only input we made was fresh tea, biscuits and friendly banter which were gratefully given and received.

An extremely friendly, clean and efficient service. I would highly recommend Tankteck.

David and Janice Allen

During a short trip out on the tidal River Medway, it became obvious that my
Hardy 25 motor cruiser’s Volvo diesel engine was not performing, as it should
do. The engine rpm was erratic and unable to obtain full power. A check by
my local engineer revealed excessive water in the filter bowl with evidence
of dirt and possible diesel bug.

I contacted Maurice at Tanktech who arrived at a mutually agreed time and
date and set to work. I was impressed with his knowledge and expertise. The
equipment he uses is also impressive, modern, and well maintained. The task
of polishing, the fuel was carried out cleanly resulting in a lot of water
being removed, clean fuel and clean tanks. Well done to Tanktech.

Bill Jarvis

“Tanktech attended Suffolk Yacht Harbour to check, test and confirm fuel delivery quality. They provided certificates confirming a clean bill of health. We were delighted with the speed of the service and the efficiency with which the process was carried out.”

Jonathan Dyke

Managing Director

“Thanks to Maurice for a fabulous job well done on my fuel this week! I found Maurice to be extremely thorough and reliable throughout the process and was amazed at the amount and quality of equipment used during the task! Clearly Tank-Tech know what they are doing! I went from diesel buggy fuel with lots of rubbish in, to a clean tank full of very efficient fuel in a day! Highly recommended!”

Hows that?

Many thanks

Carl Scott

Sunseeker Martinique “Legend”

I have lived on, and traded from, my narrowboat for over 6 years. I travel extensively around the UK canal system. I have always been mindful of the problems of diesel bug and condensation, keeping my tanks full in winter and treating for bug, I had not fully appreciated the need to keep my tanks clean until another boat hit me at speed. This collision disturbed years of accumulated gunk in my tanks, and despite treating for diesel bug, the tell-tale black slime was also present, and blocked my diesel lines.
So I called on Maurice and his Tank tech team. I was immediately impressed with his friendly, reassuring, knowledgeable and prompt response. He arrived on time and unloaded an impressive array of compact, hi-tech equipment and quickly set about cleaning my fuel and tanks. There was no obstruction to the towpath and no mess. I was shocked at how much water was in my fuel and how much debris was removed. The fact that Maurice was able to diesel jet wash the inside of the tank meant that he was able thoroughly clean the inside of the tank without having to cut access panels.
Questions from myself and passers-by on the busy towpath were answered in a friendly, helpful way, and I have been approached by many boaters from the nearby moorings who have all commented on the thorough, tidy and clean job that Tank Tech carried out. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Tank Tech and have learnt the hard way that tank and fuel cleaning need to be a regular part of ongoing boat maintenance. Thanks to Maurice I was up and running again very quickly.

Sue Cotton
Narrowboat Herbidacious “The Herb Boat” 

Am so grateful to Tank Tech for coming to us on a Sunday to clean out our plastic home heating kerosene tank. We had problems with our oil boiler keep locking out due to water and sludge getting past inline filters and to the burner. I couldn’t believe how much water and diesel bug they removed. They have some pretty impressive equipment. Our home heating boiler now runs smoother and quieter and there is a noticeable improvement in the heat given from the radiators in every room and also the domestic hot water. We are clearly getting more heat energy from the fuel the boiler burns than before the fuel was cleaned. Shall have the tank cleaned every three years from here on, as recommended.

Steve & Jacqueline, Little Sampford
Saffron Walden, Essex

We cannot speak highly enough of their prompt and professional service.  Called one Saturday morning and they were on board the boat within the hour.  Arranged to clean and polish the fuel the following Saturday. No mess, no bother. Extremely grateful for their help and service.

Ron and Nicky Spencer
Fairline Phantom 50 ‘Serenity’

I finally managed to get down to my boat today with Peter and we took the boat out for a sea trial. I can confirm that she ran as well as she has ever ran, pulled all the revs with the engines running cleanly and responsively.

The fuel filters / glass bowls were spotlessly clean before, during and after the run. I think we can safely say – problem solved!

Thank you for your professional approach and for standing by your word. I am a big fan of your company and your work and bizarrely even more so now, for me it not that there was a problem, things happen, it is what people do about the problem and how matters are resolved. I know Peter was also impressed with what you did and how you did it.

I am certainly happy to recommend you and your company to anyone who has a diesel bug problem.

Mike O’Connor
Fairline Targa 43 Orinoco

I can’t thank TankTech enough for cleaning my marine diesel. The service was fast and clean with no spillage or lingering smells.

The service is excellent value compared to the cost of replacing damaged heater and engine components.

Moody 45 Blue Fin

Being new to the boating world and living on my 36′ Grand Banks. I was advised by a experienced sailor to have my 2 Cummins engine diesel fuel tanks checked I went on the google website and found Tank Tech. I contacted them and spoke to the Managing Director Maurice Hawkins. Who l must say was very knowledgeable about my boat and explained the procedures of polishing fuel if needed without any pressure whatsoever.

He kindly offered to check my fuel to see if it did needed cleaning. So l felt comfortable with Maurice after our conversation l went ahead with the offer for a reasonable fee.

He said this would be deducted from the job if my fuel required cleaning once he had checked it and gave me a reading from his computerised machine.

Unfortunately for me my fuel proved to be dirty and required the necessary polishing. Which Tanktech carried out in in a very professional and utterly clean way to my complete satisfaction.

So l have no hesitation in recommending this quality professional company to anyone who requires their diesel to be checked and possibly like me cleaned.


After being advised by Volspec technicians after servicing my Volvo penta engines that I should have the fuel tanks checked.

I was given the contact details for Tanktech. I, as a boat owner, cannot thank them enough for the service provided. They arrived when they said, carried out the job without a single drip of fuel being spilt on the boat or engine compartments, which I found really impressive as the fuel tanks are found mid-ships on this particular vessel under the main salon floor, with the added problem of having to gain entry to the tanks via the fuel senders, but nothing was too much trouble for them.

The final result ending with a motor boat running smooth and smoke free. Once again my thanks to Tanktech.

Kind regards
Gavin West

Tank Tech cleaned the tanks (2 x 800 litres) of my near 40 year old Halmatic. They were seriously contaminated.

As a former naval officer and CO of RN small ships I am used to working with highly trained and dependable professionals, the operator of the equipment used to clean my tanks (Mr Maurice Hawkins) is one of those. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and took pride in his work.

Highly recommended.

F J Steele
MV Eden Rose