Fully tested, safe and effective

CFCS are the exclusive UK industrial distributors for Coval AquasolveTM

  • Water is permanently dissolved in Carbon, Bio and Aviation fuels
  • Fuel quality is improved reducing consumption by up to 10%
  • Reduces harmful emissions by up to 70%
  • AquasolveTM becomes a natural anti-freeze when mixed with fuel, reducing the freezing temperature to -20°C
  • Reduced risk of freezing fuel and fuel lines in aviation fuel when applying AquasolveTM which then has a freeze curve of -59°C
  • Diesel Bug (bacterial fungus) is cured and then prevented
  • Prevents rusting and corrosion of components
  • Overall engine performance is enhanced, cleansing filters and injectors
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Stabilizes Bio and Ethanol fuels
  • Stabilizes AdBlue mis-fueling

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Aquasolve is radical technology that has been over 12 years in the making.

AquasolveTM achieves what no other product can, resulting in a reduction of fuel consumption by up to 10% and cutting emissions. AquasolveTM is a Biocide Free surfactant that permanently dissolves water in fuel by breaking down the elements at molecular level and causing hydroxyl migration that bonds the hydrogen to the long chain carbon (fuel) eradicating the water content as we know it. This enhanced fuel, now without any water prevents corrosion or oxidisation of engine parts, improves the fuel burn and results in better engine performance.

Water is ever present in fuel from the time it leaves the refinery. Through hydroscopic attraction when being transferred or transported and condensation while being stored, water collects and gravitates to the bottom of the tank; Biofuels being particularly susceptible. Usually this water has to be drained off and disposed of as contaminated water before it gets drawn into the fuel system or attracts the bigger problem of micro-biological growth we know as Diesel Bug which will render the fuel unusable and if allowed will block the fuel system. AquasolveTM turns this water back to fuel by dissolving the same as mentioned above.

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Aquasolve is made exclusively in a UK factory

Regular use of AquasolveTM will prevent microbiological or fungal growth known as Diesel Bug that quickly forms and will be drawn through the fuel system to rapidly clog up filters and damage injectors. AquasolveTMhas been tested extensively at London’s City University, where there are still remarkable samples proving a stable fuel-water solution after more than 12 years (and still counting) and in a similar period trialed over and over under extreme conditions being put into contact with every material likely to be found in any combustion engine without any detectable or adverse results.

No sample evidence has ever harmed any substance thought likely to come into contact with it in normal use; nor has it harmed those handling it – an even more basic requirement. AquasolveTM has undergone careful analysis and extensive testing to substantiate its validity including FAME, Analysis by the Karl Fischer Coulometric Titration Method (IP386MOD) and Dean and Stark water by distillation method (ASTM D95).

AquasolveTM is not only ready to be added to any fuel in any engine, it can be further applied to work with crude or heavier fuels with the same positive effect. Exhaustive compatibility testing provided the technology with an acceptance within the industry beyond what could have been expected of a ‘new’ invention. The compatibility testing protocols used were very similar to those currently required by the aero industry for aviation jet fuel. This testing is also applicable to the oil industry. The original formulation of AquasolveTM, specifically designed for use with crude oils, rather than middle distillate fuels, gave the best results to date.

Please read or download our technical information sheets on how the product works