Fuel Cleaning

Diesel fuel cleaning and polishing

Dirty Fuel Tank

Diesel fuel cleaning and polishing, sometimes referred to as fuel conditioning, fuel filtering or fuel scrubbing, is a process which ensures contaminants and water are removed leaving clean, bright fuel.

Our system pumps the fuel from the storage tank and moves it through a cleaning system, filtering out contaminants and water globules, conditioning and cleaning your fuel before returning it to the tank in optimum condition.

Many diesel polishing services only treat the problem of diesel bug, rather than getting to the heart of the issue. Our equipment not only removes the bug and its remains but also removes the root cause – water in the tank.

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Marine & Pleasure Craft

Any boat will collect water in the bottom of the fuel tank and this will cause problems. Over recent years it has become apparent that leisure boaters in particular will suffer the growth of microbes, yeasts and moulds at the interface between the water and fuel. This is collectively known as “Diesel Bug’. If left untreated it will eventually get into the fuel system and block water traps, filters and eventually pipes and pumps.


We offer a low cost mobile diesel polishing service, visiting you on your farm or site to clean contaminated fuel, helping you to prevent expensive diesel wastage and the many other issues that can arise from water and related pollutants.

With thousands of pounds worth of diesel in your tank – cleaning the fuel will more often be cheaper than replacing it.


The majority of commercial vehicle companies fuel their trucks from their own self-storage diesel containers; while this may be cheaper and more convenient, it can also expose vehicles to ‘diesel bug’ and other contaminants that are inherent in bio-fuels.