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DieselCheck Portable Fuel Analyser


PAMAS S40GO AVTUR portable particulate contamination counter

Tanktech have purchased a NEW PAMAS S40GO AVTUR portable particulate contamination counter.

The counter is a special version of the PAMAS S40 automatic particle counting system specifically
designed for all kinds of fuels and calibrated to ISO 11171 and fully traceable to NIST.

The PAMAS S40 AVTUR has its own IP method (IP577), that was drafted, validated and published
by the Energy Institute in London.

The S40GO AVTUR offers the highest quality test method to meet IP 577 requirements. IP 577 has been included in Revision 7 of the DEF STAN 91-091 published by the UK Ministry of Defence.

This new addition to the fleet will allow Tanktech to measure contamination samples in the field or back at our laboratory ensuring fully traceable contamination results that comply with the very latest fuel testing standards.

Aquamax KF

 Tanktech have purchased a NEW “Aquamax KF” which is a globally recognised coulometric Karl Fischer system used for testing ppm water in petroleum products such as crude, hydraulic oils and diesel fuels.

The titration vessel and electrodes use greaseless/PTFE free joints; whilst the unique connectors do not allow any ingress of atmospheric moisture into the sample. The Aquamax will allow US to supply our clients the most accurate and reliable water contamination readings from either in the field or at our dedicated fuel laboratory.

FAME analyser called a  SetaCheck Biodiesel

SetaCheck Biodiesel

 Tanktech has purchased the latest FAME analyser called a SetaCheck Biodiesel which meets ASTM guidelines to provide immediate measurement of biodiesel in diesel content via mid-infrared technology.

Only 2ml of sample is needed when testing with the SetaCheck and no dilution of the sample is required.

The test is complete in less than 1 minute and measures a range of 0.1% to 40% for on-site evaluation.

This device will allow us to give our customers immediate, accurate, repeatable results without waiting for external analysis; saving both time and money for our clients.

ASTM International approved test method ASTM D8274

FAME – Standard Test Method for Determination of Biodiesel (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters) Content in Diesel Fuel Oil test method ASTM D8274.

FAME analyser called a  SetaCheck Biodiesel

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